The primary purpose of the trust fund is to maintain the gravesites at Nathan Anderson Cemetery and make capital improvements throughout the cemetery.

Nathan Anderson Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust Fund, INC. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax deductible corporation. No member of the board of officers of the Corporation receives any compensation for their work. Only the hired workers that perform physical labor at the cemetery are paid. There is cash fund on deposit at local banks. However, the interest from the fund is insufficient for maintaining the grounds. The Law prohibits spending on a cash reserve. Therefore it is neccessary to raise funds every year for maintenance.

Nathan Anderson Cemetery, holds a wealth of history. It was the final resting place for Confederate Soldiers, slaves, Cherokee indians, and life-long residents of Ringgold, Georgia. The land for Nathan Anderson Cemetery was given to Nathan by his Father; G.W. Anderson. The cemetery has since expanded to 4 sections. The original Anderson addition, the Vining-Robinson addition, the Enoch-West addition, and the Baxter addition. The Nathan Anderson Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust Fund, INC. maintains approximately 1.5 acres of land. This is a common misconception, the city does not maintaiin the majority of Nathan Anderson Cemetery.

There are slaves buried in Nathan Anderson Cemetery who remained in Ringgold, Georgia following the end of the Civil War.

Cherokee Indians
Many Cherokee indians remained in Ringgold, Georgia. They are also buried in Nathan Anderson Cemetery in the Original Nathan Anderson Addition.

Confederate Soldiers
Confederate Soldiers who were born and raised in Ringgold and those soldiers who died in the Battle of Ringgold are also buried in the Nathan Anderson Cemetery.

First Committee
The first committee involved with the Nathan Anderson Cemetery began with the Rinngold Garden Club. The Garden club started a cemetery committiee to maintain Nathan Anderson Cemetery. Mabel Adams, Nora Kettle, and Lola Emberson were all part of the cemetery committee. They focused their time on maintaining the grounds at Nathan Anderson Cemetery and raising money for the maintenance of the graves. For more than 40 years their efforts gave us the permanent fund which helps each year.

The Future
The Nathan Anderson Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust Fund, INC. not only wants to maintain the cemetery grounds, we want to make Nathan Anderson Cemetery an icon for Ringgold, Georgia. The history of Ringgold helps tourism in Catoosa County. The Corporation wants to make capital improvements in the cemetery. These capital improvements include statues and memorial markers to the Cherokee Indians, Slaves, and Confederate Soldiers. The Nathan Anderson Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust Fund, INC. is not authorized to make capital improvements but we will work with the city, county, and state in order to honor the history of Ringgold, Georgia.